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Live in San Diego? Check out our competitively priced moving box and packing supplies. People come from all over San Diego County to buy our moving box Package Deals. We’re worth the trip!

Please come to our store in a vehicle large enough — or empty enough — to carry your purchase away.

Why do your own packing for an upcoming move?

  1. Because you can save $600 or more on a move by doing the work yourself.
  2. Because you can discard unwanted items as you pack.
  3. Because you can organize your packing so you can find things more easily as you unpack.
  4. Because you may feel you can do a better or more careful job than a mover.
  5. Because you may not want strangers packing your valuables.

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Moving Products

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Need to purchase moving boxes? Check out our complete list of moving box sizes and prices, as well as our package deals.

At Box 'n Ship, We Understand That Every Move is Unique

We strive to provide personalized service to each of our customers. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that your move is stress-free by providing the supplies and guidance you need.