Specialty Items

Box 'n Ship offers specialty packing items to ensure that your valuables are protected during shipping, regardless of its size or shape. Our team will work with you to determine the best shipping method and packaging materials for your specific item, taking into consideration any special requirements or regulations. You can trust that your specialty item will be handled with the utmost care and attention from start to finish.

Specialty Items
Foam Plank 108″ X 48″ X 1″ $49.95/ea.
Foam Plank
1.2 Density
48″ X 36″ X 1″ $19.95/ea.
Edge Protectors
36″x 2″x 2″ or 48″x 2″x 2″
Edge Protectors Perfect for pallet building, and Special packing jobs that require extra protection. $2.00 per flat
Foam Corners Perfect for electronics, and double boxing. 1 flat is 4 corners $0.95/$1.95 Each
16″ X 12″ & 24″ X 19″
Water proof and rip resistant. Perfect for mailing or shipping single items of clothing $0.95/$1.95 Each
Tissue Paper 18″ X 24″ Perfect for delicate items such as crystal. Comes in white only. Special Order Req.
Kraft Paper Roll 24″x 900′ Perfect for wrapping items or using as a filler for fulfillment. $6.75
Hexcomb 48″ X 40″ Perfect for adding extra protection to any project $19.95 Each
Corrugated Rolls Single face corrugated cardboard. A great packing material for delicate products. 250′ X 24″ (other sizes available) $79.95 Each
Bike Box 53″ X 9″ X 27″ Standard Bike Box $26.95
Reinforced Paper Tape Pro Level water activated tape. 3″ X 375′ Order Req.
Carton Sizer Tool that allows you to cut down boxes to more fitting size! $24.95 each
Bubble Wrap Small 12" x 300' $34.99
Bubble Wrap Small 24" x 300' $61.99
Bubble Wrap Large 12" x 125' $21.99
Bubble Wrap Large 24" x 125' $34.99
Packing Tape 2" x 110yds $4.25
Filament Tape 2" x 60yds $14.50
Stretch Wrap 18" x 1500' $38.00
Stretch Wrap 5" x 1000' $17.50
Packing Peanuts Styrofoam 14 cubic ft. bag (Styrofoam) $33.50
Packing Peanuts Biodegradable 14 cubic ft. bag (Biodegradable) $30.50